Artesunate for injection 120mg

Product Name : Artesunate for Injection 120mg
Brand Name —-
Packing 120mg 10ml Vial + 2ml Ampoule + WFI
Available strength 60mg / 120 mg
Therapeutic use Antimalarial

What is Artesunate :

Artesunate is a medication used to treat malaria. The intravenous form is preferred to quinine for severe malaria. Often it is used as part of combination therapy, such as artesunate plus mefloquine. It is not used for the prevention of malaria.

Artesunate for Injection Use :

Artesunate for Injection is an antimalarial indicated for the initial treatment of severe malaria in adult and pediatric patients. Treatment of severe malaria with Artesunate for Injection should always be followed by a complete treatment course of an appropriate oral antimalarial regimen.

Artesunate administered intravenously or intramuscularly, is indicated for the treatment of severe malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum, in adults and children.

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