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Q) What is the incorporation date of KROSYL PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED?

A) Krosyl Pharmaceuticals is founded on Dt: 05 JAN – 2015.

Q) Krosyl Pharmaceuticals is located at?

A) Vadodara, Gujarat.

Q) What is krosyl and what business they do?

A) Krosyl Pharmaceuticals is mainly an exporter from India, which exports all types of human medicines with quality and affordable price.

Q) What is Vision and Mission of Krosyl Pharmaceuticals?

A) Our Vision: is to become leading Pharmaceutical company globally by providing a high quality, Innovative therapeutic solutions for our customers.

Our Mission: is to offer innovative & a high quality pharmaceutical products by continuous refinement in all stages of product development at affordable prices that gain trust of clients and customers.

Q) How are medicines safety, efficacy, and quality assured?

A) From manufacturing to delivery, our products have better quality at every stage. It is a well-known fact that good quality products are much more efficient and effective. Customer’s safety and delivering quality is our priority concern.

Some of our Quality & Safety Systems Include:-
Education and Training

We provide ongoing education & training programs on quality and CGMP and GLP for our employees.

Quality Standards

We maintain policies, processes & procedures to help ensure product quality

Supplier Standards

We maintain strict insist on the same from our suppliers, quality standards & regardless of their location.         

Quality Systems

Our global quality systems, made up of policies, processes & procedures are designed to ensure consistent product quality worldwide.

Safety Monitoring

We have developed processes & procedures for the timely & accurate monitoring of the safety profiles of our investigational & marketed products.

Q) Get in touch with us! / How to contact us?

A) you can write us email @ [email protected], [email protected] [email protected]

or call us on (+91) 9714785095

also, you can contact us via filling form via below link:

Q) Which are products of Krosyl Pharmaceuticals?

A) If you have general product-related questions, please mail us @ [email protected], OR visit the Products section on this site to find a list of our prescription medicines.

Q) What if I can’t find the products/medicines I am looking for in your website?

A) Write us your requirement at [email protected]

 Q) Global presence of Krosyl Pharmaceuticals?

A) We are currently working in 25+ countries. Which is Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Yemen, Angola, Mali, Togo, Ivory coast, Chad, Burundi, Benin, Niger, Congo, Mozambique, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Malawi, Cameroon, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Botswana, Ghana, Somalia & Guinea

Q) How can I apply for Job on Krosyl Pharmaceuticals?

A) You can submit your credentials to our career form: Click below

come join us we have best career opportunities

Q) Is this website available in other languages?

A) Yes, you can see this website in different languages, just follow this steps.

  • Open our website www.krosylpharma.com
  • On the lower right side, it’s showing translate menu.
  • Just click on that menu and choose country’s flag.
  • You’re done, the page is automatically translated to your selected language.

Q) Types of dosage form which are available at Krosyl Pharmaceuticals?


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