Alpha Beta Arteether Injection

Product Name α-β Arteether Injection
Brand Name KROSYTHER 225
Packing 3 ML Ampoule
Available strength 225 MG
Therapeutic use Treatment of severe falciparum malaria

What is a-ß Arteether Injection (KROSYTHER 225) :

a-ß Arteether is used in the treatment of malaria. It is not used to prevent malaria or to treat severe malaria (where it has affected the brain, lungs or kidneys).

a-ß Arteether is an antiparasitic medication. It works by producing harmful chemicals (free radicals) within the malarial parasite, thereby killing it.

a-ß Arteether Injection (KROSYTHER 225) is used for :

Used in the treatment of malaria.

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