Product Name : Zinc Acetate Oral solution
Brand Name ZINWIN
Packing  : 60 ml
Available strength 20mg / 5 ml
Therapeutic use Nutritional Supplement

What is Zinc Acetate :

Zinc Acetate is used after other medications to treat a certain liver disease (Wilson’s disease). This inherited disease causes the liver to hold onto too much copper, resulting in liver damage and other serious problems.

Zinc Acetate oral solution (ZINWIN) is used to treat

  • Zinc acetate is a nutritional supplement.
  • It is a vital component necessary for the proper functioning, growth, and development of your body. It helps to improve immunity, promotes wound healing, and prevents skin infections and acne.
  • Zinwin also relieves cold, decreases the progression of age-related diseases, etc. It works by balancing the amount of Zinc in your body for normal bodily functions.
  • This product may also be used as an adjuvant treatment in Wilson’s disease (a genetic disorder in which excess copper builds up in your body).
  • Zinc acetate decreases the absorption of copper in your intestine and increases its excretion from the body.
Zinc Acetate Oral Solution (Zinwin) – Composition and Active Ingredients

Zinc Acetate Oral Solution (Zinwin) is composed of the following active ingredients (salts)

  • Zinc Acetate
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